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The Diamond Pro RF Fractional Micro Needling Machine is an exceptional non-invasive and non-surgical device that specializes in reshaping the face and body without any downtime. It offers a wide range of benefits, including wrinkle reduction, skin whitening, rejuvenation, acne treatment, and skin tightening. This incredible machine stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen, resulting in improved skin texture and smoothness. Using advanced radio frequency technology, the machine precisely heats the deep collagen-rich layers of the skin, triggering the natural production of collagen.


This process not only tightens and firms the skin but also enhances its overall appearance. With its remarkable capabilities, the Diamond Pro RF Fractional Micro Needling Machine is considered one of the best machines in the world for achieving outstanding results. You can trust that this machine will deliver visible improvements in a relatively short period of time. The number of sessions required may vary depending on individual needs, but typically, you can expect to see significant changes within 2 to 4 sessions.

Diamond Pro RF Microneedling Laser Machine

    SYSTEM TYPE Mono & Bipolar RF/Bipolar RF
    Intended Use/Discipline



    Plastic Surgery



    System type                    

    Mono & Bipolar RF/Bipolar RF                       

    Frequency 2 MHZ
    Total RF Treatment Level up to 10
    Dual Operation Mode

    Fractional RF Micro-needle


    RF Sub-Lative

    Max Energy 100j/cm2
    Disposable Tip Micro-electrode needle&Micro-electrode tip
    Depth of Needle 0.5-3mm (Adjustable)
    Display LCD
    Switch Foot Switch
    Dimension (CM) 36.2X40.9X45CM
    Weight 10kg
    Electrical Requirements 100-240VAC,50-60H


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