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The Diamond PICO laser machine is an incredible piece of technology. It's specially designed for tattoo removal, pigment or pigmentation removal, spot removal, and even carbon peel peeling. This powerful machine, created by the renowned Diamond laser company, utilizes YAG laser light with a Q-switch pulse output.


The principle behind this machine is to impact the pigment tissue faster and more effectively, resulting in remarkable outcomes. Not only is it highly effective for freckle removal, but it also offers a comprehensive solution for various skin problems. With its customizable energy and spot size, it can address a wide range of skin concerns.


The machine is equipped with cooling settings, including a water-cooling system and a heat exchanger, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. What's truly impressive is that it guarantees 100% effectiveness for all skin types without causing any damage. In just a few sessions, usually less than four, you'll witness significant results. The best part is that the results are immediate, right after the treatment. Say goodbye to unwanted pigmentation and hello to flawless skin.

Diamond PICO Laser Machine

  • Condition  New
    System Type Metal tube solid-state la
    Intended Use/Discipline:



    Plastic Surgery

    Laser type Metal tube solid-state laser



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